AND YOU’RE READY TO share IT + grow IT

But first there’s something you need to say…

Are you finally ready to say it?

Yeah?! Well, let’s say it together…

“F*ck it! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna grow my business!”

Now doesn’t that feel gooood? You’ve decided something big…

You’ve just set yourself apart from those

“I’m kinda slowly dying inside each day” kind of people


You’re about to take that idea and position yourself as the go-to person in your area.

THE expert who earns more doing exactly what you love.

That’s right! you deserve to be on top doing what you love!
So really…what now? I’m sure you have ALLL the questions.

Do I start with social media?

Does Instagram even work for business?

Do I need to post every day?

Wait…what do I post?

And…oh shit. Nevermind.


Hold Up Now, Hakuna Your Tatas!

There’s an easy, non mental breakdown kind of way to do this.

You can start here by reading my blog all about getting social and growing your business.

Or let’s be business bosom buddies. There’s perks!

I’ll introduce you to my business besties and show you how to grow your social media and turn those leads into customers.


Here’s what I mean…

Social media can be used as a part of your funnel to

Grow your customer base


Get you more sales

And events can be used in a similar way!

Dana helped us create a marketing strategy for our Champagne and Shopping event… and in 1 day, we made what we normally made in 3 days. Plus lots of returning customers!

Amanda Roberts

Co-Owner of Encore Consignment in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

And even more…it can be used to create your very own community that turn those

“Ohhh that’s so cool. I think I like you”

followers into

Hot damn! Give me more!

fans of your products and services.

“Dana really helped us think about social engagement in new ways, pairing unique posts and engaging stories with sharp imagery. The brand consistency and a fresh look at presenting content has helped us build our Instagram community dramatically.”

Meredith Wild

Publisher and Author, Waterhouse Press and the LuvBooks Club

So You Have Your Idea…Let’s Master Your Message and Create Your Content to Spread It Everywhere!

Here’s how I can help with that…

I teach you how to create content that attracts your desired customers and fun brand collaborations… because we don’t chase, honey! We attract!

Or let’s plan a marketing strategy for a kickass event or launch that makes customers heart-eye the hell out of you and your products!

Hey you guysss, I’m Dana!

Right about 5 years ago, I was a middle school teacher turned teacher coach, traveling my home state of Mississippi, trying not to get stabbed overworked, underpaid English teachers everywhere. Besides that little hurdle, I led conferences, ate good food, and was all like, “Hmmm… why am I feeling so empty and blah, woe is me, and existential?

I knew, way down in my weird little heart, I was not doing what I needed to do. So you know what I did. I quit my job and moved! To Florida. I was excited for a fresh start.

Cut to moving time–I got all scared. And went right back to teaching. Until… I broke. Rock bottom style. I thought “If I have to listen to another out-of-touch, never-taught-a-day-in-their-life ‘guru’ tell me how to teach my students, I will most assuredly stab my eyeballs all the way out.” 

Because I knew I had the expertise. And I wasn’t going to be given the power to be who I was or spread my ideas in that capacity–ever. My other thought–the one that really made me cringe–I knew I would look back–old and saggy and stressed out, nearly on my deathbed at the ripe age of 55–and I would regret. 

REGRET. It’s the scariest word I know. 

So you know what I did. I quit. Got me an in-between homeschool teaching job so I could start my art business! Yasss! 

But I soon realized, I had no clue about business. Like none. But my mama didn’t raise no delicate flower. I did what I knew best. I studied. And I learned. And I studied. And I cried. And I bought a camera. And invested in some people who taught me how to spread my own ideas with my camera. And I LEARNED. Then–finally–I created my strategy. And showed up every effin day for myself.

So I put my shiny new strategy into action. And started landing big clients. Getting them results. And building my business. 

Cut to now–I am ready to take the next step. I am sharing all my secrets as a coach–that’s right–going back to my badass teacher roots. And I’m helping even more people discover their brand strategy so they can build whatever the f*ck they want.

With my new strategy in hand and courses on the way, I am ready to help anyone who is ready to say “F*ck it! I’m gonna do it!” 

So enter your email address–the good one, not the burner one–and I’ll send you my weekly (kind of sweary) advice column sharing everything I’ve learned on how to create a brand that builds your business legacy–and make the money you’re worth.

Unless you’re fine with watching others have fun at work while you want to stab your eyeballs out. No judgment!

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