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About My Eyeball Boobs… Oh and Brand Assets

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

aI painted eyeballs on my boobs for my 35th birthday.

Yep. It happened. Did you see my post? And voila… my painted boobs became a brand asset.

Actually, I had them painted on me. The painter: Katlyn Badass Arnold. She painted my breasts. And she was gentle and kind. And didn’t care about a stray boob hair. Or act shocked about one of the girls being a tad bit more dominant and sassy. That’s right. My breasts are sisters, not twins. I’m tired of women being angered that their girls aren’t exactly the same size. Lovely lopsided ladies, please embrace your “imperfections” for the sake of future girl generations. Yes, it’s that important for them to see us loving ourselves, just as we are.

So here’s my painting with a twist story: Katlyn painted me… like I was the perfect perky and curvy-sized canvas. It was a moment. At times, my nips were right next to her lips. But it wasn’t weird in the slightest.

I quite enjoyed it. The free feeling of standing stark in front of someone who had never before known me in that way. Talking about this boob here and that freckle there. The scars and marks from my birth to my beautiful baby girl. And honestly, just the thought of doing something that made me feel connected and empowered and be authentic self.

Because that is what this was really about. I wanted to connect. With myself. My body. To feel empowered. As myself. For myself. And then share my experience to connect with and empower, well, Other women. 

And it that’s exactly what happened! So many women cheered me on when I posted this pic. Who knew so many women wanted to be naked and painted?

They talked about how they’ve always wanted to do something like this. But they were really saying was they wanted to feel alive, and free, and connected, and empowered to be their wild and fabulous selves too. But many of them were too afraid to do this. And they had questions.

Quite honestly, it takes letting go of fears to be free like this. To show the weird and quirky sides of you. The side that isn’t the same ole “yep missionary again tonight” freedom and connection.

It most assuredly is an example of risk taking when it comes to putting yourself, and your personal brand, out there. 

And yes, there was thought put into, not weeks of thought. But thought. Do I show this side of me? Do I allow it to become a part of my brand image?

Obvi, I pressed post. And now that moment–in all it’s rainbow and painted nipple glory–is a part of my online presence. 

And because it’s online and tied to my business. Guess what, you sassy reader, you… It’s also now a part of my brand.

Because the truth is, the images of you and your business that you put out there, they get filed in this weird little folder that no one sees. but This folder most definitely exists. It’s called, your Brand.

Let’s remind ourselves about what a brand is… A brand consists of the experience and feelings people have when they come in contact with a person or a business. And what are the tiny little moving pieces that all work together to do this? That’s right! Brand assets. Painted or not.

Here are some concrete examples: logos, colors, typography, mascots, taglines and advertising style. But they also can include the shape of your product. (Think Coca-Cola, and how they created a distinct shape for their bottle just to make you feel happier while drinking it. Regardless of possible diabetes onset post sip.) Or how your service makes your customer feel.

Brand assets go way deep. And they get more and more involved when you talk about specific platforms. 

Because I love IG (and enjoy making it my bitch), here are some ideas of brand assets you can harness and BDS&M the hell out of on IG: quotes, song selection in stories, highlight icons/colors, giveaways, copy/caption for posts, poses in pics, and even the clothes you’re wearing (or not wearing) in your photos in your feed. 

Basically, the types of images and feelings you want to pop in a person’s head when they think of you or your business… you craft your assets so that they are more likely to create that thought or image or feeling in them.

So let’s loopity loop this example back to me and my eyeball boobs. Because I put them out there for the world to see, my painted boobs became a brand asset. And I’m ok with that.

Because the bare naked truth about my business is that I value risks, and vulnerability, and not being like everyone else. And encouraging others to do the things that make you feel empowered and connected in this wild and crazy world.

That’s the only reason I do this. 

So you bet your boobs that all the imagery I share… it’s going to reinforce these values. Because when you live your brand, it’s easy to press post. Even wearing nothing but eyeball boobs and rainbows. And that is how to build a brand that lasts and a business you’re head over heels in love with. Not the eyeball boobs part, specifically. The matching of your behavior to your values. 

And that is how posting online works. What you post, becomes a part of your brand. And if you’re a business or representing your business online (i.e., personal branding), it becomes your brand assets too.

For the love of all things branding. If you read nothing else. Just make sure your brand assets are aligned with your values and beliefs. That’s the only way you’ll be proud of the brand you’re creating.

Welcome to the Dark Side, otherwise known as the blog.


Meet the Blogger –


I’m a small town Mississippi heathen. I tried to be a good girl, but it didn’t work. I went to the dark side. And ya know what… it’s way more interesting. But let me back up…

I have a weird little piece of paper that says I’m able to teach children. It’s called a Master’s degree in English.

Yep, I taught kids *gasp* (who would let me near their children?) for nearly a whole frickin’ decade before moving on up to teach teachers.

At some point, I thought, “Fuck it! I’m going to do it. I’m going to go out into the art world and live my dream.”

And I failed. Miserably. Because I had no effin clue how to run a business.

But then I studied. I studied allll the fun people on IG. I learned their secrets. I even met some of them in person.

And then I put my seemingly useless English teacher degree to use and started teaching people how to be a boss on IG.

But then I noticed that their pictures sucked. I mean bad. So I picked up a camera and learned how to take branding photos that they could use to market themselves.

And here I am. A photographer, brand coach, copywriter, and event planner. Oh yeah. Forgot that. Lots of businesses were like, “You’re fun… I want to throw a party. Will you help me plan it.” And well, you probably know how I responded.

And so now I want to start sharing more. To help anyone who’s ready to say “Fuck yeah… I’m gonna do it!”

Go ahead and say it out loud if you haven’t already. You’ll feel good. Promise.


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