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So you want to grow your business, but you’re all like,

“Dana, I don’t know what to do next. Or whether this will work at all. In fact, I’m sitting here questioning my entire life.”

Simmer down now, it’s all ok.

I was exactly where you were a few years ago. And you know what I did?

I focused on four very specific things that got me going in the right badass direction.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Branding Photos
  • My Website
  • In-Person Events

Dana helped us create a marketing strategy for our Champagne and Shopping event… and in 1 day, we made what we normally made in 3 days. Plus lots of returning customers!

Amanda Roberts

Co-Owner of Encore Consignment in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Because I believe business should be fun, sustainable, and not leave you feeling like one of those internet douches.

And you know what… you know more than you think you do!

So dig deep and make that decision on which step you need to take next. 

Here I’ll help start… Ask yourself, “Do I need to…”

…Finally Use the ‘Gram to Grow (Instead of InstaStalk)


Instagram is fun to make connections and grow your business idea. I can show you how to use Instagram to have more conversations with real people, drive more traffic to your products, services, or blog, and-yep-increase sales.


Because it’s cute to see your ex still being an asshole…but it’s time have fun AND see that sweet sweet cash flow back to you.Here I’ll help start… Ask yourself, “Do I need to…”

I’ll get you hooked all the way up with my


5 Step Boss Insta Strategy

$300 for 2 hr Session



1. Find people who want to buy from you-besides your mom


Tired of your mom bankrolling your business? Yeah, she loves you. But… I can show you how to find real people besides your fam who want what you offer. Plus-yep -you’ll learn to worry less about the number of people who are following you… because you’ll be too busy talking to real live customers.

2. Learn how to talk the talk to customers


I know you’ve received that “Thanks for the follow… I have the perfect product to help you slim up and live your best life” douche DMs. 

Or those posts that just talk about the benefits of their products, followed up with a “See link in bio.”

But what if, what ifffff, you could get people to invest in you and what you sell without being all salesy and “Buy from me” all the time.

3. What images to pair with your words


I see you all like, “I’m just gonna post this quote because I don’t know what image to put with my idea.” You don’t have to be a media expert to learn how to pair images, videos, and graphics with your message. I have a quick (and maybe a little dirty, if you’re lucky) strategy for you to never struggle with this again.

4. Grow your following


Discover the strategy all IG ballers know to get shared and discovered so that their following grow naturally and authentically. Because we don’t chase. We attract. Read that again, my friend.

5. Turn followers into paying customers and clients


And finally… attract more business by sharing your story as your authentic self. You’ll learn how to turn followers into paying people through natural non-creepy conversations–that they start with you! And you’ll drive them straight to your website or storefront so you can give them the REAL experience. 

Take Nude Photos…

JK…I need Branding Photos/Videos

Don’t have time to create your own images? Let me take them for you! 

You’ll get a fresh set of images or video that you can use on social media, your website, or any promotional material.

Work with me to create on-brand images or video. All media can be cropped in 3 different sexy ways for your social media, website, and other formats. That’s right! I’m going to make sure you get the most use out of your media. ‘Cause I’m about that ROI!

Project starting rate


$250 for images


$350 for video

But each job is soooo very different. So get a quote. See what’s up.

Write Copy That Keeps People Coming Back For More

Give your website and brand materials the words they need to turn those interested folk (aka warm leads, baby) into customers

I write the copy (or coach you how, you control freak you) and you give it to your web designer.

And yahhhssss– you have a website that sells for you!


And if you need a web designer… I recommend the oh so tech-savvy Salt Inspired Design.

This is how I created my website:

I wrote the copy, they created the magic. And trust me. It is magic. I still can’t figure out how they did this shit.

Plan a Badass Event that Makes Me the Talk of the Town – in a Good Way

Drive more people to your business with an event!

We will sit down and discuss all the important details you need to market your event so that it brings you that sweet, sweet return of investment.

Events are glorious in that way. They can create the fan base that keeps people connected to you in a way the online world cannot always do.

And events are my peanut butter and mother fuckin’ jam.

I’ve helped several businesses drive massive traffic to their events, and I’ve even planned my own markets with local artists. It’s always a good time with lots of laughs–and farting. You know there will be farting, but it will be better because they are farting at your event.


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